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likes the bounty hunters
Favourite cartoon character: Spike!

--Hey All You Cowboy Bebop Fans! Wecome To Bebop-Club. The Club That Is Dedicated To The Best Show Ever!--


  :!: Rules To Join :!:
:bulletblue: Send A Note And I Will Get Back To You.
(a couple days at the max! If you dont get a response note Shasta-MD)
:bulletblue: Note Title Must Have Join In It. Just To Easily Spot New Joiners.  
:bulletblue: Watching Us Doesnt Get You Added To The Members List.
:bulletblue: Also, once accepted into the club. Please Put The Club Icon In Your Journals. (You'd want to help spread the club around wouldn't u??), Just put: " : iconBebop-Club : " (without Spaces).

:bulletred: Note:</u> If you ask to join on the comment page you will be ignored from now on.  


  :!: Rules :!:

:bulletblue: Do Add Us And Watch Us For Updates/News. :heart:
:bulletblue: Do Not Bother The Notes And Do Not Bother The Journal Entries.
:bulletblue: Do Not Watch Anyone And Do Not Delete Anything.  K thanks :D
:bulletblue: Watching Us Doesnt Get You Added To The Members List
:bulletblue: Also, Be Kind To Other Members :D
:bulletblue:  If you have a submission for the club send a note to the club and we'll post it up :)


  :!: News :!:
  If you sent a note before and i didn't add you resend it and say "REI YOU BITCH! ADD ME NOW PLZ!"

  :!: Contest :!:

:bulletblue: The bounty hunters getting ready for summer season.  Send two notes to teh club and to Shasta-MD to make sure I get it. Deadline is May 27th :D

:!: Fourms :!:

:bulletblue: I made a forum… and lets get to know each other. :weed:


  :!: Staff :!:



:bulletblue:Bounty Hunter List:

Listed In


special thanks to Nodeh for making the journal look so nice
  • Listening to: call me call me
  • Reading: cowboy bebop manga
  • Watching: my funny valentine
  • Eating: bell peppers and beef

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kayana Jun 20, 2010  Hobbyist General Artist
please make a group of this club IT ROCKS
hey i thouight this iQ quiz was cool. i just took mine!! CLICK HERE
shhati3 Jun 27, 2008
WoW !! onE oF thE mosT greaT pagE anD gallerY I saW

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chopsoi Mar 29, 2006   Photographer
i wanna join!!! pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeee ... i L O V E cowboy bebeop!!! ^^
kurare-kurenai Mar 4, 2006   Interface Designer
Is the club still open? I'd like to join :bounce:
Blue makes me cry
Arianna-chan Feb 14, 2006  Professional Photographer
I :heart: cowboy Bebop! :D
AS IF!!! I'm listening to Blue RIGHT NOW!! It was meant to be, lol ...
mszeve Nov 29, 2005   Digital Artist
likes the bounty hunters
is an Anime Artist
is a deviant since May 14, 2004, 5:50 PM
has 5,500 pageviews
I would love to join...ED IS MY HERO!!!
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